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Commercial Conversions 

Your one stop shop for commercial 4x4 conversions

Due to unprecedented demand over the past year, orders are taking upto 5 months to be shipped

We specialise in commercial 4x4 seat conversions. Made and Supplied by Scot Seat 

Trimmed to match the OEM style seats, the seat replaces the factory fitted false floor and bulkhead restoring the usability of the vehicle. 

The seat incorporates a folding backrest to allow reclining adjustment and gives it the ability to lay virtually fully flat allowing full use of the load space once again.

The seats come with ISOFIX mounts at the base and are fully tested to M1 standards. Upon completion of the installation a certificate of conformity will be provided. 

We currently cover the following vehicles:

  • Discovery 3/4/5 Commercial

  • 2020-On Defender L663 90 and 110 Commercial

  • Land Rover Freelander 2 Commercial

  • Toyota Land Cruiser (SWB & LWB) Commercial

  • Toyota Outlander Commercial

  • Mitsubishi Shogun Commercial

Rear window uncovering

We are happy to announce that we are able to uncover the rear windows on your commercial 4x4.

Land Rovers: 

For the Discovery and Defender Commercial Vehicles we supply and install genuine rear window mouldings.

At this point in time, we are unable to reinstate window function but are looking to do that in the future!


We are able to remove the vinyl stuck to the window and reinstate the rear window so it is fully functioning.


Unlike Toyota, Mitsubishi remove the rear window switches in their vehicles. This means that we can remove the vinyl film for you but currently cannot make the window fully functioning.

Load Area

We know that the load area in your commercial 4x4 is a vital part of your business. Our seat conversions allow you to retain the load area of your 4x4 while also adding the ability to seat passengers whenever required. 

Land Rover Commercial Seats

The Discovery 5, Defender 90 and Defender 110 seats fold flat allowing longer items and goods to be placed upon the back of the seat.

Discovery 5: With the seat in use, you have approximately 1100mm at the longest point with around 960mm where the boot begins to slope in and with the seat folded flat you retain a whopping 1890mm!

Defender 110: With the seat in use, you retain approximately 820mm at the shortest point between the back of the seat and the boot and 960mm on the boot floor. When the seat is folded flat, you have a space of approximately 1790mm to play with! 

Defender 90: With the seat in use, at the narrowest point, you have approximately 380mm of space between the seat and boot at the narrowest and 500mm at the base of the seat (enough for 2 carry on suitcaes). When the seat is folded flat, you have around 1100mm of load area. 

Toyota Land Cruiser

The Toyota Land Cruiser seat folds flat and when you need it to, it rolls forwards against the front seats giving you the ultimate load space; a total length of 1600mm, just shy of the standard load length! We reupholster the area under the seat with a made to fit matching carpet to ensure no wires or items underneath are damaged. 


The Mitsubishi Shogun Sport and Toyota Outlander both fold flat like the Land Rovers allowing longer items to be laid across the back. 

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